Got water damage? We'll work with your insurance adjuster to get you back in the game.


The Mid-South sees its share of bad weather. Heavy rains contribute to flash floods and flooding conditions. High winds and hail can cause structural damage. Electrical storms can start fires or damage your facility’s electrical systems. Major storms can cause issues for homes, schools, and commercial buildings, however they are not the only culprit when it comes to damage that can occur to athletic flooring. Pipes can burst, fire sprinklers can activate unexpectedly, someone can knock over a janitor’s pail of water or any number of other accidents can result in damaged athletic flooring.


If you are a school administrator or facility owner, it pays to have a plan in place for different degrees of possible damage. Leaks in roofs, broken pipes, and natural disasters can all cause various levels of destruction. To be prepared in case of your gym floor flooding, we recommend you follow a few simple steps.


Be familiar with what your insurance covers and to what extent? Athletic flooring is a significant investment and can easily cost well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Make sure yours is fully covered. Do not hesitate to contact Sports Floors, Inc. to provide assistance or act as an advocate on your behalf should the need ever arise.


By contracting with Sports Floors, Inc. to provide annual maintenance, we not only offer extended warranty benefits but we will document your floor’s conditions each and every year.


Sports Floors, Inc. is here to provide assistance in the event of any emergency. The Sports Floors, Inc. team will work with your insurance adjusters to maximize your settlement. Calling a professional company such as Sports Floors, Inc. in early can help you avoid costly mistakes and eliminate down time. Not all incidents involve an insurance claim. Call Sports Floors, Inc. to avoid wasting time and money.


Sports Floors, Inc. will provide plans and proposals to upgrade your flooring systems or we can repair/replace them to match previous materials. Either way, you can be assured that you will receive the best athletic flooring the on the market. Our company specializes in both wood and synthetic athletic flooring and can respond over-night, if the need arises. Being one of the largest athletic flooring providers in the region, Sports Floors, Inc. can respond in a timely manner saving you wasted time and helping to avoid further damage.


If your facility has been negatively impacted by an emergency, please contact us at 901-452-9492 or toll-free at 1-800-881-6440. The faster you act, the faster we can get feet back on your floor!