When it comes to a person’s experience in a gym or athletic arena, one of the main areas of focus is on the floor. Whether it’s a beautifully finished maple wood floor or a vibrant synthetic surface, the floor adds a great deal of value to the building and is the most used piece of equipment in any gym! We’ve put together a list of the top trends in gym floors, including the multiple options available here at Sports Floors, Inc.

Once you’ve decided to start the project of installing or redoing your gym floor, it’s important to know all of your options before making a final decision on what type of floor you want. The team at Sports Floors, Inc. is here to help you with your flooring project!

Keep reading below as we take a look at the top trends in gym floors and the benefits each one has to offer!


Wood Floors

Wood floors are a classic option when it comes to gyms and athletic facilities. Sports Floors, Inc. is a certified Connor distributor and installer. Connor permanent and portable floors are designed with players and facilities in mind. From basketball courts, volleyball courts, handball courts, gymnasiums, aerobics, and dance floors, and more, we offer a variety of high-quality hardwood solutions for your flooring needs, including:


There are two types of anchored floors – fixed wood and fixed resilient wood. Fixed systems are mechanically secured to the concrete substrate, providing a stable subfloor system. This type of anchored flooring has excellent buckle resistance but doesn’t have much resilience. 

Fixed resilient wood flooring systems combine the stabilizing benefits of anchored subfloors with the resiliency of floating systems. There is a wide array of fixed resilient floors to fit your unique needs based upon activities, levels of play, budget, and facility size. This type of flooring is a great choice for many customers since there are so many options to choose from!


Floating wood floor systems rest freely without any anchorage to the concrete substrate beneath. There are multiple combinations of pad and subfloor designs that will provide your facility with varying levels of resiliency. The biggest benefit of this type of system is the amount of shock absorption and resiliency they provide. However, floating systems don’t provide the same amount of stability as fixed resilient systems. 


This is the most popular choice when operators are looking for a new basketball court in a multi-use arena. Connor Sports QuickLock portable basketball floors are designed to meet the demands of your arena, convention center, or stadium and will last up to 50 years. Our portable flooring systems are easy to install and remove, lessening labor and cutting down on maintenance. We offer traditional and zipper floor configurations as well as pinned and pin-less systems. We even worked directly with the NBA, NCAA, and FIBA when designing and testing our portable flooring system!

Synthetic Floors

When choosing the flooring for your facility, synthetic options can have many benefits, based upon your needs. Sports Floors, Inc. offers a wide range of synthetic flooring options that are perfect for any gym, arena, or stadium!

Vulcanized Rubber 

This material is perfect for indoor and outdoor running tracks, gymnasiums, weight, and multi-purpose rooms in any facility, whether it’s an elementary school or a university basketball court. Connor Sports high-quality resilient flooring systems are great for sports, fitness, and recreation use. 

Vinyl & Poured Urethane

Connor Sports synthetic flooring solutions provide a surface that is easier to clean and maintain than other options. The cushioned design of vinyl flooring offers maximum shock absorption while maintaining ball bounce aspects. They can also be performance customized to meet your athletic needs and budget. 

How Do I Choose A Floor?

When you’re just getting started on your athletic facility or re-flooring your gym, it’s important to choose a flooring system that meets your needs. When you’re ready to start your project, our team will work with you to find exactly what you need. Sports Floors, Inc. uses DIN standards to develop and test our products, focusing on four key areas: ball rebound, shock absorption, vertical deflection, and area deflection. These standards help to ensure that you’re getting the best possible products, no matter what flooring option you choose. 

With so many options available, it can feel intimidating to know just where to start. That’s why we’ll walk you through the entire process and the benefits of each type of flooring option and find one that’s perfect for you. 


Get Started On Your Project With Sports Floors, Inc.!

Sports Floors, Inc. is proud to serve clients in the Mid-South area, providing high-quality products and services. Our competitive flooring systems are DIN certified to ensure athlete safety, as well as STEM tested. This ensures that your floor won’t buckle, no matter the condition of the facility. At Sports Floors, Inc. we have a commitment to quality so we go the extra mile to ensure our floors will withstand the test of time!

Whether you’re just getting started on your gym floor or are having it re-done, Sports Floors, Inc. has everything you need for a long-lasting, high-quality flooring system. Our wide variety of options ensures the perfect fit for every client, no matter if you’re installing a home gym or looking for a personalized portable floor for your basketball team. 
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your gym floor project, care, or maintenance, our team is here to help you! Visit our website at https://www.sportsfloorsinc.com/gym-floors/wood-floors/ and send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to help you complete your flooring project!