For collegiate level sports, nothing short of the best performance is acceptable. The same goes for your flooring system.

Many people believe the game floor is the critical piece we deliver. However, student athletes spend much more time on a practice floor than on a competition floor, sometimes as much as four to five hours per day.

Proper cushioning under the practice floor is essential to reducing injuries to your student athletes. Also, matching your practice floor’s subfloor with that of your competition floor’s subfloor can give your athletes a definite advantage during home games.

Here’s the bottomline: whether you’re installing a competition maple sports floor, a maple sports floor for a practice facility or several different types of athletic floors in recreation centers, you need the best performing products you can get.

Sports Floors has installed different types of floors for colleges and universities throughout the Mid-south. Our DIN certified anchored resilient wood systems, including RezillChannel, Focus and Permaflex II, have proven themselves to be among the best collegiate-level basketball and volleyball floors on the market. Our padded synthetic floors are perfect for indoor tracks, weight rooms, locker rooms and aerobics/exercise rooms.

With so many different floors for so many different purposes, the possibilities are practically limitless. Let us guide you through the options and help you choose the best floors for your students and facilities.

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