In the past, elementary or middle school administrators were primarily concerned with factors such as installation and maintenance costs. Those issues are still important, but today the focus has shifted to safety. Resilient floor systems (both wood and synthetic) reduce both the occurrence and the severity of injuries, protecting children from injury and reducing liability for the school.

K-8 facilities are often multi-purpose and used to serve as a gymnasium, PE room, assembly hall and sometimes a cafeteria. The floors in these facilities must be versatile, but still fit into a sensible budget.

At Sports Floors, we’ve helped administrators decide on a floor for every different purpose imaginable – from sports to lunchtime and from assemblies to concerts.

Examples of K-8 floors that we’ve installed include padded synthetic floors (such as resilient urethane), floating resilient wood systems (like our Neo-Shok or DuraCushion line) and fixed resilient DIN certified wood systems (such as ARS DIN).

Schedule a meeting with our staff. We’ll spend some time with you to determine your specific needs and what floor is right for your school.

K-8 Projects: