One of the main concerns facing arena owners/facility managers today is managing heavy weight loads on their athletic floor. Arenas are often used for purposes other than sports. Concerts, graduation ceremonies, and trade shows are just a few examples of these alternative uses. Because of this these arenas need a floor that is as versatile as the rest of the facility.

Traditional fixed resilient maple floors, while great for athletic uses, are not well suited for heavy weight loads. We can help you address these concerns.

Our Focus flooring system is developed with the latest technology in athletic flooring. It is designed to handle heavy loads with no damage to the floor while maintaining its DIN Certification. It is the perfect solution for arena floors.

Another option for arena owners is a portable floor system. Portable floors can be taken out of the arena and stored somewhere else during other functions. Connor Portable Floors are the official floor of the NCAA Final Four.

Arena Projects: