We get this question alot.  Heck, when we started in this business, we asked it ourselves.  So, it’s time to solve the mystery of the difference between floating and anchored floors.

Floating Wood Floors

A floating floor is a floor that is not adhered or fastened to the substrate in any way.  In essence, they “float” over the concrete!  These floors are typically what we would recommend for an elementary school, church, or for a dance/aerobics floor.  They tend to be very economical in price, but be careful with these floors in areas with high moisture levels – humidity affects these floors more than others.

Some of our popular floating floors include Duracushion IDuracushion IIRezill Cushion, and Neoshok.  To see all of our floating floors, just visit our Floating Floors page on the website.

Anchored Wood Floors

Anchored wood floors are mechanically fastened to the substrate in some way – usually with anchor pins or screws, but also with adhesive.  We recommend anchored floors to middle and high schools, colleges, NBA teams… anyone with players seriously training in the sport of basketball.  Many anchored systems are DIN-certified and hold up well to high humidity levels.

Some of our most popular anchored flooring systems are AllianceFocus, and S-Channel.  To see all of our anchored systems, visit the Anchored Flooring page on our website.