A gym floor is not complete without a few accessories. Wood athletic floors require a specific kind of wall base, and transitions at entryways and where the flooring ends.


Wood athletic floors require vented cove base for the walls. This type of wall base is vented to allow air flow underneath the floor. This keeps moisture from being trapped under the wood, which can cause cupping.


Wood athletic floors also require specific types of transitions – mostly at doorways.
With a new facility, this is made easier by recessing the concrete slab to accommodate the height of the floor. In that case, only an aluminum threshold is needed.

However, if the project is a renovation, the new floor height might not match the current slab depression. In that case, ramps will be needed to offset the height difference. Here at Sports Floors, Inc., we can offer rubber ramps or wood ramps, depending on your preference.

Either way, we can install the right flooring system for you, complete with accessories. Give us a call to get started!