The Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA) created the following position statements to assist in the education of maple athletic flooring. They are created for those who do not have a detailed knowledge of the construction and/or post installation use and maintenance of athletic floors. Information contained herein is based on best industry practices and knowledge, however the MFMA, its members and employees, do not warrant the information contained herein as proper under all conditions. The MFMA reserves the right to revise these position statements as necessary.


ADA Press Release
Bleacher Blocking
Chatter Mark
Concrete Flatness and FF/FL Numbers
Concrete Pads Under Fixed Bleacher Systems
Concrete Slab Configuration
Concrete Slab Flatness
Concrete Slab Moisture Content
Cupping and Crowning
Dead Spots
End Joints
Expansion Spacing
Expansion Voids
Finish Ambering
Finish Peeling of Chipping
Finish Swirl Marks
Floor Penetrations
Floor Squeaks
Hard Maple vs Soft Maple
Humidity and Environmental Recommendations
Moisture Barriers
Moisture Infiltration
Multiple Sport Gamelines
Painted Lines, Borders and Logos
Physical Properties and Characteristics
Poly Balls
Power Scrubbers
Radiant Heat
Roller Skating and Roller Blading
Scissor Lifts
Shimming of Floating Floors
Shrinkage Cracks
Site Evaluation
Solid Painted Areas on Maple Gym Floors
Staining a Maple Floor
Stapling and Nailing Schedules
Sticker Stain
Sustainable Forestry and FSC Certification
Tape on a Maple Floor
Wood Filler
Wood Treatments