Designing the layout for a wood floor is usually our clients’ favorite part of the process because the paint is what everyone will see for years to come. It is your chance to give your floor a personality and it is something facilities take a lot of pride in.

The first step in designing your layout is to identify what sports will be played on your floor. Since tape is strictly prohibited on a finished wood floor, you’ll want to make sure each type of sport has the proper lines painted. If you have a sport that is only played once or twice a year and don’t want the lines painted permanently, we have temporary paint options available.

Once you’ve nailed that down, it’s time to work with our artist to come up with a design that meets your budget and aesthetic taste. Do you want a border? How about a center court logo? Any school or mascot names? Would you like to stain the three-point arc or maybe paint the lanes? Add a Sponsor’s logo? The choices are endless.

At Sports Floors, Inc., we have seen just about anything that can be done on a floor. Throw out your ideas and we’ll be glad to give you our advice.  The only thing that cannot be done to your basketball court is putting tape on it!