The expert team at Sports Floors, Inc installs many different rubber athletic flooring systems for multi-purpose facilities and gyms. They’re popular because they’re durable and offer flexibility and cushioning. If you’re looking for a floor system that offers long life and multiple design options with low maintenance, synthetic flooring systems might be the solution you need.

We offer rubber athletic flooring systems that are easy to clean and maintain for any size or type of facility. Rubber floors with cushioned designs provide ultimate shock absorption while maintaining ball bounce aspects. Resilient flooring systems are ideal for both running tracks and rubber athletic flooring. Fitness and recreation installations include indoor and outdoor tracks, gymnasiums, weight and multi-purpose rooms in facilities from elementary schools to high schools to colleges, universities, and fitness clubs across the nation.

Types of Rubber Athletic Flooring

Elastiplus: This rubber athletic flooring system is engineered to offer a consistent balance between good shock absorbency and fast play without fatigue. These floors are also low maintenance and can recover quickly from impacts that cause deformation. Elastiplus floors also absorb sound.

Elastiroll and Elastimat: ElastiRoll & ElastiMat are a great option is your prefer the durability polymeric recycled rubber and colored EPDM granules.

Control XT: This flooring system is a vulcanized double or triple durometer rubber athletic system that provides superior force reduction and eliminates “bottoming out.” Many clients use these floors for volleyball and basketball courts, gymnasiums, and exercise facilities. Control XT floors are virtually indestructible, and you can customize them with logos or match your school or organization colors.

PowerDek Fleck and Stone: Choose this system if you know your facility will be used in a way that puts a lot of stress on the floor while ensuring safe, comfortable, and injury-free training and competition. PowerDek Fleck and Stone are high-performance rubber athletic surfaces ideal for high impact and heavy traffic and is formulated to rebound free weight impacts.

TruSport: TruSport is the ideal surface where an environmentally friendly material with excellent shock and sound absorption is desirable. TruSport is great for basketball, volleyball, aerobics, childcare areas, student assemblies, and general activities. TruSport Multi-Purpose Athletic Surface is durable, easily maintained, mechanically strong to support heavy loads such as portable bleachers. Available in various colors and thickness ranging from 6 to 14 mm, TruSport is the ideal choice for virtually any application, indoors or out, where an economical, resilient athletic floor is desirable.


ProTraxx: Ideal for demanding applications and is designed for safe, comfortable training and competition. ProTraxx synthetic gym floor provides a resilient, shock-absorbing running surface ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

ProTraxx rubber athletic floors offer maximum performance and maximum value. The material is remarkably fatigue resistant and features bio-engineered force reduction qualities for optimum shock resiliency. ProTraxx is perfect for high school and university competition and is I.A.A.F certified. The highly weather-resistant, exceptionally durable material also provides excellent traction with its non-slip texture and spike resistant running surface.

Sportgrain Plus: This cushioned vinyl flooring is the highest quality product designed for athletic and commercial use. It provides consistent force reduction values with maximum ball rebound, resulting in improved performance. SportGrain plus synthetic gym floors are the only cushioned vinyl flooring product manufactured in one continuous production process and are the easiest to keep clean.

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