Here in the Mid-South, we know to expect intense weather during the summer months. From extreme heat to high humidity levels, we certainly see it all! But did you know that these types of weather conditions can actually impact your gym floor? Harsh outdoor weather conditions can result in a change in the indoor conditions of your gym. That’s why we’ve got what you need to know about keeping your gym in the best condition for summer. 

When you make an investment in a gym floor, it makes sense that you’d invest in taking care of it, too! When you follow these guidelines, you can keep your floor in great condition and ensure longevity. Keep reading below to learn more!

How summer weather affects your gym floor

Living in the Mid-South means humidity – and lots of it! This is especially true during the summer months. As humidity changes, it causes wood floors to expand and contract. While small changes are often unnoticeable, anything too extreme can result in major damage. That’s why it’s important to control the humidity inside your gym to avoid the negative effects it can have on your gym floor. Our Sports Floors, Inc. team recommends maintaining relative indoor humidity between 35% and 50% year-round. The best way to accomplish this is to keep your HVAC system operating properly. 

Just like humidity can affect your gym floor, dry air is another factor to consider in the summer. Excessive dry air can cause cupping or crowning, two issues that you would really rather avoid. Cupping occurs when the bottom of the hardwood contains more moisture than the top. This causes the edge of the floor to rise higher than the center. Crowning is the opposite – it is caused by excess moisture on top, resulting in the center of the floor rising higher than the edges.


Essential equipment for summer maintenance

The first step in keeping your gym floor in the best condition for summer is always being prepared. This includes keeping a few maintenance essentials on hand at all times, just in case. 

Cleaner: Having the right cleaning supplies for your particular type of flooring will ensure you have what you need when any type of mess arises. 

Dust mop: This is essential for everyday use! You should sweep your gym floor with a treated dust mop every day, even when you don’t use it. This will keep your floor looking great and ensure it lasts. 

Doormats: These will keep the majority of the dirt and debris on the bottom of your shoes from tracking onto your floor. This can leave scuff marks and cause damage to your floor. 

Protective covering: If your gym is used for multiple purposes, having a durable cover will help you avoid any avoidable damage. This will save you time and money in the long run!

Develop a summer maintenance plan

Of course, there will be things that come up that you can’t always prepare for. However, you can increase your chances of avoiding anything too stressful by developing a summer maintenance plan!

Keep essential supplies on hand: Have a system in place to keep up with what you have, what you’re running low on, and what needs to be restocked. This is the best way to be prepared for any situation at any time. 

Create a maintenance schedule: Once you know how often and for what your gym floor will be used during the summer, you can create a detailed schedule for everything from daily cleaning and preparation to weekly deep cleaning. 


Protect your floor all year long with Sports Floors, Inc.

When it comes to your gym floor, we know you want to protect your investment. Keep your gym in the best condition for summer will help you avoid any potential damage to your floor, as well as ensuring it lasts just as long as it should. Taking these essential steps will help you be prepared for anything that comes your way during the summer months, from humid weather to a gym full of children!

Our team would love to help you get through the summer with your gym floor in excellent condition. Contact our office to get connected and let’s work together to keep your floor in tip-top shape!

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