DIN Athletic Performance Testing

DIN testing rates sports flooring systems in four key areas:

Ball Rebound

Measures the basketball’s response off the sports floor system as compared to the ball’s response off concrete.

Shock Absorption

Measures the flooring system’s ability to absorb impact forces normally absorbed by the athlete when landing on a hard surface such as concrete or asphalt.

Vertical Deflection

Measures the floor system’s downward movement during the impact of an athlete landing on the surface. This measurement is interdependent with area deflection criteria.

Area Deflection

Measures the floor system’s ability to contain the deflected area under an athlete’s impact, measured within 20" of impacted area. Also known as Deformation Control when combined with vertical deflection measurements.

About DIN Standards

DIN is a German standard developed to test products ranging from doorbells to kitchen sinks. Floor surfaces, such as tile, synthetic, carpet and hardwood are included. DIN is analogous to U.S. standards like ASTM and UL. Products can be tested against DIN standards by one of two bodies: The Otto Graph Institute in Germany or the USSL in the United States. These standards for hardwood floors were introduced in 1991.