To properly preserve and maintain your wood floor, you should schedule a procedure called a Screen & Recoat. A screen and recoat keeps your floor shiny and sticky for the safety of your athlete.  Shoes squeaking on a gym floor means that your athletes are getting the proper amount of traction, and are less likely to slip and fall.  Most wood sports floors need this maintenance annually, though some facilities that use their floors on a daily basis may require bi-annual screen and recoats.

A screen and recoat consists of roughing up the top layer of finish on the floor with a light abrasive screening disk. This allows the new coat of finish to adhere to the existing finish coats to prevent cracking or peeling. The floor is tacked with a rag until it is clean and a coat of finish is applied to the floor. Then all you have to do is allow the finish to dry (usually 48 hours with one coat).

Here at Sports Floors, we recommend using one coat of an extra thick finish called 450 finish.  We can do the work on Friday afternoon, and by Monday your finish is dry enough to play on!

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Definitely contact us If you’re looking to get your floor screened and recoated, or if you are interested in buying the products we use, visit our Products page to download our order form now!  And remember: NEVER use tape on a wood gym floor!