Whether you’re at a high school, college, or rec center, your gym floor is one of the highlights of your athletic department. A well-designed athletic floor can energize your audience, improve your team’s performance, and add passion to the sport. 

At Sports Floors, Inc., we’ve come a long way from the traditional, single-color wood floors that dominated the gymnasiums of the past. With innovative techniques in wood grains and stains, our team has created some of the most eye-catching athletic floors in the Midsouth. We understand all the creative ways to use stain to make memorable basketball courts that your fans will love. Keep reading to learn more about how our team uses stains to enhance your gym’s floor!

Why use stains? 

When you install one of our gym floors, one of the most important steps is creating a design that will turn a generic wood floor into your team’s home court. There are several tools that our experts can use to achieve the desired effect, including different wood grades, paints, logos, and stains. 

Sports Floors, Inc. uses stains to enhance the natural appearance of the wood that makes up the gym floor. Our stains come in various colors and shades to give your maple flooring an aesthetic finish without covering up the natural beauty of the wood. 

Staining vs. Painting

If you’re deciding whether to paint or stain your gym floor, there’s a lot to consider. Depending on your desired outcome, you may be more interested in stains or paints. Sports Floors, Inc. will work with you to create your unique gym floor design.

Creative Ways to Use Stain

Creative Ways to Use Stain

As technology advances, Sports Floors, Inc. offers more and more unique options for staining your gym floors in fresh and exciting ways. 

Mark Off Your Court

One of the best ways to use paint is to draw your audience’s eye to the different areas of the court. By setting off the key game lines in a solid color and filling them in with a tinted stain, you can make it easier for both your audience and your players to navigate the court. The contrasting stains draw the eye to the most important parts of the court, so everyone has a better visual no matter where they are in the gym. 

Creative Ways to Use Stain

Add Designs

Stains work to add contrast between different sections of the wood floor. Another great way to take advantage of this contrasting effect is to use stains to create logos and images rather than using paint. This is becoming a more popular trend as we expand our ability to provide these unique services. Because most gyms currently use paints for their logos, stained logos stand out from the crowd and make your floor pop with a modern touch. 

Creative Ways to Use Stain

Use Stain to Add Color

Typically, when you think of adding color to your gym floor, you’re thinking about using paint. However, with newer stains, it’s possible to add colors that create an aesthetically pleasing effect that not everyone will have. Whereas paint covers up the natural texture of the wood, stains can provide color while still enhancing the grain patterns on the maple floor.

Creative Ways to Use Stain


For proper maintenance, your gym floor should be screened and recoated each year. Your gym floor should be sanded and refinished every eight to ten years. During this process, Sports Floors, Inc. will sand the floor down to the bare wood before applying the stain and finish that you desire. Sanding makes it possible for the stain to coat the wood, leaving your floor more beautiful than ever. 

Call Sports Floors, Inc.!

At Sports Floors, Inc., our team is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality maple floors, maintenance, and repair possible. We’ve worked with hundreds of schools and facilities across the south and have created some of the most eye-catching designs around. If you’re ready to get the crowd pumped with a new sports floor, call our team in Memphis today!

Creative Ways to Use Stain