For the second time in two years, Delta Charter has a new gym floor.

Sports Floors Inc., of Memphis just laid down a second new gym floor at Delta Charter after back-to-back winter storms in February caused a leak in the roof, ruining the first new gym floor.

“I thought I had seen the last of the old Huntington gym floor when we put the first new floor down,” said Delta Charter principal Jimmy Comeaux.

Comeaux and Delta Charter girls basketball coach Ronald Ellis agreed the new floor looks even better.

“It’s darker, yet shinier,” Ellis said.

Work on the new floor kept Ellis and Delta Charter boys coach Geary Crawford from practicing in the gym during the summer for the third straight year.

“We’re eager to get in there,” Crawford said. “The floor is beautiful. It makes the whole place look better. And it has a different type of support system underneath. It’s top of the line.”

The first overhaul occurred two years ago, before the pandemic last year kept players and coaches out of the gym.

Delta Charter did play its regular schedule on the first new floor last year. And now Ellis and Crawford are eager to get back on their newest home floor.

“We’re glad to be back,” Ellis said. “We haven’t been able to do much. We have a tough schedule, but right now I’m not worried as much about wins and losses because we are so young. We will be better by the end of the season.”

“This floor actually was done faster than the first floor,” Comeaux said. “We’re back to being able to hold our P.E. classes here. It actually did not take as long this time.”

Besides a new floor on the first renovation, new goals, more lighting, and a facelift of the gym walls was also completed.

“The gym is the focal part of your schools, it’s where most activities are held,” Comeaux said. “We just want something the folks can be proud of. It was time for a facelift and time to get this school up to par to where we want it to be.”

By Joey Martin