bad flooding

Water on Your Gym Floor

Hurricane Harvey brought heavy rains and flooding never seen before in Texas and the Southeast. Naturally, there is big chance that water came in to contact with your gym floor.  If you suspect this may have happened, act quickly! Even if there doesn’t appear to be visible damage, water often settles underneath the maple in the subfloor.  If left unrepaired, water-soaked wood could grow mold.  If the repairs begin quickly, the damage can sometimes be minimized and remedied with a simple sand job, or a small patch with sanding.

What to do when your floor is damaged
1.  Stop the water from coming in (either by repairing leaks or shutting off the water source).
2.  Use a vacuum system (such as a Shop-Vac) to remove any standing water.
3.  Call Sports Floors, Inc. at 1-800-881-6440.
4.  If applicable, call your insurance agent.

We will assess the damage and determine a course of action.  Please be sure to call us FIRST!  Many times, a client calls us after they have already spent thousands of dollars with a company trying to tent and dry out the floor.  This process is futile and only winds up costing you more money.  If we believe any of those tools are necessary, we will advise you of that when we visit and conduct moisture testing underneath the floor.

Remember, speed is key when water and wood floors mix.  Call us today!