Wood gym floors are very versatile and can host a plethora of events.  However, in some cases, extra precautions need to be taken to protect the floor from damage.  High heeled shoes, tables and chairs without padded legs, and podiums can scratch or dent a wood floor.  Sports Floors, Inc. recommends using a gym floor cover to help prevent those things from happening.

What Is There To Choose From?

There are numerous types of gym floor covers out there, but here at Sports Floors, Inc., we typically see requests for three kinds: carpet, light-duty carpet, and vinyl.  Each have their own unique benefits, and their own unique price.

carpet court cover

Carpet Covers

Carpet covers are high-performance, portable floor cover systems.  They are the most expensive court covers we sell, but they also offer the most protection.  They look different than most court covers because they are carpet on top as opposed to vinyl, come in large squares (3′ x 6′), and are stored on storage carts that are flat-bottomed instead of rolled.  Assembly is quick and easy, with no tape needed.

Light Duty Carpet Covers

Light Duty Carpet Covers

A light duty carpet cover is something we just ran across a couple of years ago.  It is more economically priced than a carpet cover, but is still a little more expensive than a vinyl cover.  It comes in rolls like a vinyl cover, but has a polyester topcloth on the top of it and a non-skid extruded backing with a moisture barrier on the back.  It is stored on racks that roll out when the floor is ready to be laid, and roll back up when the floor is ready to be removed.  It requires taping at the seams to keep the cover flat.

Vinyl Covers

Vinyl Covers

Vinyl court covers are the most cost-efficient covers on the market, and they come in varying weights.  The most common we see are 18-22 ounces, though they go up much higher than that.  Vinyl covers have a PVC coating on both sides, and have a resilient internal reinforced polyester core.  They are stored on racks that roll out when the cover is ready to be laid and roll up when the cover is ready to be removed.

Contact Us Today

Whether you buy a top-of-the-line cover or the cheapest one, you are taking a necessary step in protecting your gym floor from damage when you hold non-sports functions in your gym.  Give us a call to quote you on one type, or all three.  We are happy to help!