Did you know that a typical gym floor can see hundreds of pounds of dirt per year? That means that regular maintenance is absolutely essential to keep your floor in good shape! Keeping your gym floor clean does much more than keeping up appearances. Let’s look at how to properly maintain your gym floor and why it matters!

What’s the purpose of regular floor maintenance?

As we mentioned before, taking proper care of your gym floor does more than making it look good. A clean floor will also:

Protect floor finishes

Dirt and dust are the main culprits when it comes to wear and tear on gym floors. Keeping your floor clean will help protect the finish and ensure the longevity of your gym.

Increase safety

Up to 90% of slip-related injuries are due to a lack of proper floor maintenance. Gym floors that are adequately maintained will have better surface-level traction, giving athletes a safer space during the game. 

Benefit the custodial staff

Even if your custodial staff is fantastic at what they do, they may not know the best way to care for your specific type of flooring. As a result, they may do too much or too little by regular maintenance. This can be detrimental to your floor! Our expert team can work with your custodial staff and teach them the proper techniques for your gym floor.

How to maintain your floors

In most cases, gym floors are heavily used and require more maintenance than other types of floors. If you’ve recently had a sports floor installed or are looking to get one soon, it’s essential to understand everything about regular maintenance. Here are some guidelines for daily, weekly, and yearly cleaning to keep your gym floor in tip-top shape!

Daily maintenance

We recommend using a dry dust mop on your sports floor every day. Dust mopping will collect any debris that has been tracked throughout the day and reduce the risk of scratches.

Keep doormats at every doorway to minimize dirt and debris accumulation. This is especially important during the winter months and rainy seasons. Quickly mop up and dry any water or spills to prevent water damage. 

Maintaining the proper humidity level in your gym floor’s facility is crucial. This will prevent the floor from expanding or contracting beyond its typical limit. Keeping your HVAC system intact is another way to avoid humidity-related damage. Keeping your building temperature-controlled will guarantee that your floor always has the best conditions. 

Weekly maintenance

Your gym floor should be cleaned with tie tack at least once a month. Tie tack is a more concentrated deep cleaner. We recommend you dilute the Tie Tack 3 to 1 with water. Submerge a clean towel in a bucket, wring it out, wrap the towel around a broom, and tack the floor. Do not place a dirty towel in a clean solution. Use at least three towels per gym. Tie tack is a water based cleaner so the towels can be washed in a standard clothes washer.

Yearly and periodic maintenance

It’s important to recoat your gym floor annually to keep it in the best condition. Recoating helps you avoid unnecessary restorative tasks that are much more expensive in the long run. Recoating may be necessary more than once per year, depending on what you use your facility for and how often. Keep that in mind when planning your yearly maintenance schedules!

How to Properly Maintain Your Gym Floor

Maintain your gym with Sports Floors, Inc

Keeping your floors clean is important to maintain the quality and lifespan of your gym floor. Make sure you or the person responsible for caring for your gym floor understand these guidelines to get the most out of your investment. 

If you have any questions about properly maintaining your gym floor, our team would be happy to help. Contact us today, and let’s get your gym floor in the best shape possible!