Same Game, Different Courts

While the iconic and timeless home of basketball is a hardwood court with high ceilings and bright lights, most of us probably had our first experience playing basketball on an outdoor court with some friends. There are a lot of clear differences between indoor and outdoor courts, from material to how they are used, and both can be designed to function best for their intended purposes. 

Indoor Courts

You’ll find indoor courts in all kinds of situations. They’re in elementary, middle and high schools, schools, universities, recreation centers,  and churches. Each of these venues has different needs and functions, and at Sports Floors, Inc. we can help you find the flooring system that will best fit your needs. 

Some of the similarities between all hardwood courts are that they’re designed to withstand a significant amount of force while minimizing injuries, but they can be easily damaged by things like water and inconsistent environmental forces. Any kind of leaks or uncontrolled humidity can warp and damage your hardwood indoor court. 

Sports Floors, Inc. offers a variety of indoor court options to maximize the benefits while minimizing the possible problems. What a lot of people don’t realize is that wood courts aren’t like the hardwood floors in your home. Hardwood courts feature multiple layers and specially designed cushioning to prevent injury and reduce joint strain. It’s especially important to make sure that young athletes who are still growing and developing don’t put too much pressure on their joints and cause long-lasting injuries. Systems like Focus and RezillBase are designed to be durable enough to withstand anything you throw at it for years to come while still providing the advanced technologies that keep players safe. 

Spaces that are used for a variety of activities may find that synthetic floors are a better solution. These floors are easy to learn and maintain and offer great shock absorption while still allowing you to dribble and maneuver easily. 

All professional basketball leagues and most recreational basketball leagues play on indoor courts, making them the standard for high-level competition. 

 Ole Miss outdoor court

Mid-south Outdoor courts 

A typical outdoor court may simply be made out of concrete or asphalt. Many of us first played basketball on the driveway. Obviously, this kind of court is not optimized for playing any sport in the way that a hardwood court is. Since the surface is more rigid, it will be harder on your joints and the ball will bounce harder, faster, and less predictably. There’s also a little more possibility of injury because falls will be harder, and scrapes are more likely on the abrasive surface. 

This doesn’t have to be the case! You have the option to upgrade your concrete or asphalt outdoor court to a thermoplastic court designed to offer the same playing experience as an indoor hardwood court while still standing up to the elements and severe weather conditions. We use durable modular systems that can be customized to meet your needs. 

These outdoor court solutions come in any size, shape, or color that you can think of. If you’re looking for a safe way to play one-on-one in your backyard, you can get a small key installed in your favorite team’s colors. Or, if you want a full-size outdoor court at your school or community center, we can install it just as easily. 

Outdoor court solutions from Sports Floors, Inc. are all made with high-impact thermoplastic that is 100% recyclable. The systems we use all have over 90% ball response and feature a shock-absorbing base that makes these systems the safest way to play outdoors.

As court technology improves, there’s no reason for you to sacrifice court performance when you choose an outdoor court. You can still play your best game without fear of injury. 

Ole Miss outdoor court

University of Mississippi Square Jam 

One of the most notable outdoor court projects that Sports Floors, Inc. has done is providing the court for the University of Mississippi Square jam. To introduce their men’s and women’s basketball teams to the city of Oxford, the University of Mississippi brought back the infamous Square Jam. Setting up a court in the middle of the historic Oxford Square made this football town a basketball school for one night! Over 5,000 fans packed the square to watch the teams have a 3 point contest and dunk contest. 

For this event, we installed a modular court to make those who attended and participated feel like a true sports star for one day. Once the event was over, Sports Floors, Inc. had the floor picked up in under an hour, allowing for traffic and regular activity to resume. We look forward to working with The University of Mississippi for years to come on this exciting event!

Memphis Outdoor Court Projects 

In addition to the modular and synthetic outdoor courts we are able to install, we can paint concrete courts to improve their functionality. We just finished painting and updating an existing outdoor court at the Lewis-Davis Community Center. The University of Memphis is donating these court improvements as a gift to the community. We have completed several other outdoor court painting projects in Memphis recently as well.  

No matter where your court project is, Sports Floors, Inc. can help you find the perfect solution. Contact us for a quote.