If you’re thinking about updating your athletic facilities flooring or installing a floor in a new facility, here are some emerging trends in sports flooring. At Sports Floors, Inc., we can help you stay up to date on exciting new trends in the world of flooring.

Currently, the most popular trends involve multifunctional floors, environmentally conscious options, and visually interesting designs.

Multifunctional Floors for Multifunctional Spaces

In recent years, fitness facilities have become more and more versatile and a single space might be used for free weights, weight machines, cardio machines, racket sports, basketball or volleyball games, condition, CrossFit, yoga, or pilates. On top of all that, fitness centers are becoming more and more socially focused, with spaces dedicated specifically for social connection.

That’s a lot to ask of one floor! These kinds of facilities need durable floors that can adapt to anything thrown at it. Flooring systems like our PowerDek, TruSport, Control XT and ProTraxx multipurpose systems can be great options, depending on your specific needs.

Huda Academy

All of these systems are ideal for areas that will experience heavy foot traffic and high impact activities. They’re also easy to clean and made out of material that resists bacteria and moisture to help keep everyone who enjoys your facility healthy. It’s also becoming more common to design rooms that can change purposes quickly. This means open spaces that can stand up the pressure of hastily moved furniture. Fear of damaging your floor shouldn’t keep you from getting the most out of your space.

While each system has unique strengths to consider, they are all versatile enough for a multipurpose facility. Another popular multipurpose option is game lines that can be used for multiple sports. The goal is to get the maximum amount of use out of one surface, without too much hassle.

Our team can help you determine which multifunctional system will be perfect for your needs.

Environmentally Responsible Floors

Environmentally conscious flooring systems are a significant trend we’re noticing in 2019. Common flooring techniques from that past have proven to be harmful to both the environment and potentially the people exposed to some of the materials used. You can expect more options that are made with renewable, nontoxic materials and sustainable techniques.

Many synthetic floors are made at least partially with recycled materials and attached with adhesives that don’t emit harmful fumes. Many of our synthetic systems are responsible and durable, so you have no reason to compromise on quality to get an environmentally responsible flooring system.

Eye-Catching Floor Design

We live in an increasingly visual world, and floors are no exception. Nothing will help you stand out as much as a compelling color scheme or a clean, exciting logo. If you choose dramatic primary colors, they can look faded and lackluster quickly. Subtle but interesting colors are more visually durable, as well as more inviting.

Your space has the potential to tell a story that contributes to the broader story of the people using it, and your floor design can play a big part in that. If your floor is dirty, in disrepair, or simply unattractive, it doesn’t motivate your athletic patrons to excellence as well as a clean, interesting, well-maintained floor.

Collierville High School Main Gym

Using standard grey synthetic floors as a base, you can create interesting dimensions with colorful geometric patterns. This extra effort to make your flooring aesthetically appealing lets the athletes who use your space know that you’re willing to go the extra mile to help them feel comfortable and focused while they’re training, practicing, or just trying to feel their best.

Durable Floors Ready For Anything

Durable floors have always been popular, but it’s becoming even more so as technology allows for options that are even more affordable and aesthetically pleasing. If you’re investing in a high-quality flooring system, it makes sense that you want it to last as long as possible. You also want a floor that is easy to clean and won’t hold on to bacteria and become a hazard.

Floors used in spaces with heavy equipment that needs to be moved, or where free weights are frequently used have to be able to withstand both heavy loads and high impact. Many of our floors come in a variety of thicknesses so you can choose the one that is able to stand up to the pressure you’ll put on it while striving for excellence.

We use only the best materials that will keep athletes safe for years to come. While all floors require some maintenance, Connor Floor systems are easy to care for properly so you can spend time doing what you really care about. And of course, we’re always here to help you in any way that we can.

Whatever trends come and go, Sports Floors, Inc. will always offer you the very best floor system options available and will work hard to make that your floors work exactly the way you need them to.