Courtesy of KAIT


An already damaged community center is suffering more after rain poured over Region 8 this week.

The Paragould Community Center’s gym is closed because of construction, but the rain is slowing down the process.

The gym was already under construction because of water seeping through the walls and under the gym floor during the last ice storm in March.

Parks director for the city of Paragould Pat Austin said they didn’t even realize water was under the floor.

She said while she knows it’s been an inconvenience for the gym to be closed, especially during the summer, they want it fixed right the first time.

“It’s a long project,” Austin said. “You can’t just come in overnight, it takes time, and we want to make sure that we prevent this from happening in the future.”

Austin said they’ve had engineers looking at the problems for some time to make sure no mistakes are made.

She hopes to have the project complete in 4 to 5 weeks but asks the public to be patient because it could take longer.