Are you looking for a way to make more money off your recent sports floor investment? Sports Floors, Inc. is here to help you learn how! Offering advertising space on your athletic court is a great way to boost your program’s income and support your local economy. By sourcing local businesses, you can build mutually beneficial relationships with people in your network, making your investment much more successful. Whether you’re selling sponsorships on your sports floor or dedicating your court to a local legend, we’re here to give you the tips you need to get started. Keep reading to learn more!

Benefits of Selling Sponsorships

There are several benefits to selling ad space on your sports floor. From gaining a source of passive income to networking with other companies in your area, you’ll gain a lot from selling sponsorships. 

Passive Income: In an age of marketing, ad space is precious, especially for small or local businesses looking to crack their way into more creative marketing outlets. By allowing other companies to advertise their logo, you’ll get a steady stream of income that could promote your athletic program or pay for the maintenance costs of your sports floor. 

Networking: When you work with other companies to sell ad space on your floor, you’ll create a greater demand for what you’re offering. The more success these companies have, the more success you’ll have because your ad space will become more valuable over time. 

How To Sell Sponsorships

When it comes to selling sponsorships on your athletic court, there are several steps for success that you need to follow. Promoting companies on your court requires you to find local businesses looking for ad space and prep the floor for your new ad. 

Finding Local Businesses In Need of Ad Space

Your first step is to begin looking for businesses needing ad space in your area. Look towards local companies first, like banks, restaurants, car dealers, insurance agents, or other booming companies that you believe have the revenue to invest in your ad space. 

Remind your potential sponsors that this is a mutually beneficial partnership. You will certainly enjoy a passive income from the ads, but they will enjoy a wide range of perks for having their name on display during the next home game. Here are a few benefits to help you sell your ad space to sponsors. 

Brand Visibility: The more often people see their ad, the more value your sponsors will get from spending money marketing on your athletic floor. For basketball courts that host games multiple times a week for various different sports or events, the more your sponsors will see a return on their investment. 

Lead Generation: Brand visibility is one thing, but lead generation is what every business wants most from their advertising budget. By investing in an athletic court that hosts popular games and events, more people will turn to your sponsors for business without taking away from your own! They’ll immediately recognize the value of the partnership, and you’ll be able to look forward to years of passive income to help you cover the cost of maintenance. 

All About Optics: Local customers love local businesses that support them and their interests. Your sponsors know that their customers are basketball and volleyball players, parents, and fans visiting your athletic court regularly. One of the best ways for sponsors to show their love for the fans is by investing in the teams and sports they love – which is exactly why your ad spaces are valuable to them. Remind them who they’re supporting, and the rest will follow. 

Prep Your Sports Floors For Ads

Now that you’ve got your sponsors lined up, you’ll need to find the best way to apply their logos to the wood floor. This process can be tricky, and you need to be prepared to follow through on the proper steps to protect your sports floor. Fortunately, you’ve got Sports Floors, Inc. on your side, and we know how to help!

Don’t Use Stickers: It may be tempting to go the easy route and apply stickers to the tops of your floors. However, we recommend that you steer clear of stickers! The adhesives on the backs of stickers can ruin the floor and cost you more money in the long run. When you remove them, you will likely remove layers of finish below and adjacent to the sticker. Stickers just placed on the surface can have different coefficients of friction which can increase the likelihood of injury to student-athletes. 

Add Ads While Refinishing Your Floor: The best time to add your new sponsorship ads is when you resurface the floors. Once you’ve sanded the foundation and removed all the finish, you can paint your ads directly on the floor before adding the final finish coats.  Another option is to apply sponsorships to the floor prior to your annual maintenance finish coat. 

Dedicate Your Floor To A Legend

Another great way to use the blank space on your athletic court is to dedicate the floor to a past coach, teacher, alumni, or local leader. By honoring the important people in your school or town, you keep the legends of the game close to your heart. You can add the person’s name or likeness during the resurfacing process for best results. 

Selling Sponsorships On Your Sports Floor

Prepare To Be Floored

Sports Floors, Inc. is your choice for all your athletic flooring needs. From installation to maintenance, we protect your investment so your floor will last a lifetime. We’ve installed some of the most high-profile sports floors in the Midsouth and beyond, and we’re ready to give you the valuable court you and your team deserve. Contact us today for more information about how to get started!

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The post Selling Sponsorships On Your Sports Floor appeared first on Sports Floors, Inc..

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