A flood in Hattiesburg, Mississippi caused part of the gym floor in the Reed Green Coliseum to buckle. The University of Southern Mississippi reached out to Sports Floors, Inc. to assess the situation and provide the best solution. The subfloor and maple were moisture tested across the entire court. It was determined that 1,200 square feet of flooring would need to be removed and replaced. With the damaged area torn out, Sports Floors Inc. patched and replaced the subfloor and maple. After patching, the entire 12,000 square foot gym was sanded, sealed, painted, and finished with Water Based Seal and Finish. With the new paint design, the University of Southern Mississippi paid homage to their home state by including the outline behind their logo. There also is a star where Hattiesburg is located in the state!! We look forward to watching the Men’s and Women’s teams compete on this floor for years to come!