Picture this: screaming fans, a championship team, cheerleaders on the sidelines, squeaking shoes, and a buzzer-beater win. That’s the picture of happiness for players, their families, and their fans in basketball arenas across the country. But it’s the setting that really brings the image to life, and the sports floor your team competes on is where the action happens. 

No doubt your team’s basketball court is the heart of your gym, but choosing the right flooring can be difficult. You may have many questions, from what materials we use to how we design the floors, and the team at Sports Floors, Inc. is here to answer all of them. Keep reading to learn all the answers to sports floor FAQs so you can fill the gymnasium and capture that championship image for your team. 

#1: What is the best wood for a sports floor? 

The answer is simple: maple. Maple has long been the gold standard for sports flooring, particularly in basketball and volleyball courts, and there are several reasons for this preference. 

Maple’s natural hardness and strength make it highly durable, capable of withstanding the high-impact activities common in sports. Its uniform surface provides consistent ball bounce, improving precision for fast-paced sports where it really counts. 

Aesthetically speaking, maple’s light, warm color enhances the look and feel of the sports facility and provides excellent contrast with game lines and markings. This contrast improves visibility for players and spectators alike. Maple is also a sustainable and renewable resource, making it an environmentally friendly choice. 

At Sports Floors, Inc., we follow the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA) guidelines. The MFMA has long set the standards for maple flooring. They provide rules on everything from selecting and grading raw materials to installing and maintaining the finished floor. By following these guidelines, we make sure our clients receive the highest quality flooring that is durable, safe, and optimized for athletic performance. 

Sports Floors, Inc. is here to answer all of your FAQs so you can fill the gymnasium and capture that championship image for your team. 

#2: What factors should I consider when choosing a sports floor? 

Although most of us usually think of basketball courts when we think of sports floors, there are many reasons you might install a new court. Sports Floors, Inc. has installed new flooring for permanent floors, portable floors, dance floors, stages, and more. So when it comes to choosing the right flooring for your needs, you should consider the following. 

Use: The first step is to know the type of sport or activity the floor will be used for. Different sports have different requirements for traction, shock absorption, and ball bounce. Understanding these requirements will help us pair you with the right flooring for your needs.

Activity Level: A floor in a high-traffic area or a competitive sports facility will need to be more durable than one in a low-traffic or recreational setting. That being said, this factor is critical to the type of floor you’ll want to install. 

Maintenance Capability: Some floors require more frequent or specialized maintenance than others. Consider your maintenance resources when choosing a new sports floor. 

Budget: Your financial resources will also play a role in your decision. While initial costs are important, you should factor in the long-term costs of maintenance, repair, and eventual replacement before choosing your sports floor. 

#3: What goes into the installation process? 

Installing a sports floor is a meticulous process requiring specialized knowledge and skills. It begins with a thorough site evaluation to ensure it is ready for installation. This evaluation includes checking the flatness of the substrate, the moisture content, and the overall condition of the area.

Next, your chosen flooring material is acclimated to the site’s conditions to prevent future warping or buckling. The floor installation involves precise cutting, fitting, and securing of the flooring material, followed by sanding to ensure a smooth and flat surface.

Game lines and markings are then carefully painted on, and the entire floor is sealed and finished to protect it and enhance its appearance. And, of course, we adhere to the guidelines set by the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association to ensure the highest quality installation throughout the process. 

#4: How do I maintain my sports floor once it’s installed? 

Proper maintenance is key to preserving the longevity and performance of any sports floor. It is essential to clean the floor regularly with approved products to remove dust, dirt, and sweat that can degrade the floor’s finish and traction. 

During these cleanings, it’s also important to monitor the floor for signs of wear or damage, such as scratches, dents, or warping. Prompt repair of these issues can prevent further damage and extend the floor’s life. 

At Sports Floors, Inc., we provide detailed maintenance guidelines. We even offer professional cleaning and repair services to keep your sports floor in top condition.

#5: How often should a sports floor be replaced? 

The lifespan of a sports floor depends on several factors. These factors include the type of material, the level of use, and the quality of maintenance. A well-maintained maple sports floor can last for several decades. However, even with excellent care, a sports floor will eventually show signs of age and wear. These signs include things such as deep scratches, persistent squeaks, or unevenness. 

When these issues become widespread or affect the floor’s performance and safety, it may be time for a replacement. At Sports Floors, Inc., we provide expert assessments to help you determine when your sports floor needs to be replaced and guide you through the replacement process.

Sports Floors, Inc. is here to answer all of your FAQs so you can fill the gymnasium and capture that championship image for your team. 

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