At Sports Floors, Inc., we go the extra mile. Since Paulette Heney took over as president and owner in 2020, we’ve been working to make the Sports Floors experience even better for our customers across the Mid-South. 

That’s why we are so proud to announce that we are officially a Certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise and a Certified Local Small Business Enterprise through the Uniform Certification Agency of Memphis. These certifications go a long way toward bettering not only Sports Floors but the entire Memphis area and surrounding communities! Keep reading to learn more about our certification status and the Sports Floors legacy of excellence. 

About UCA Certification 

The Uniform Certification Agency is a major player in the Memphis community. As part of the Mid-South Minority Business Council, the UCA works to provide quality and status assurance for Mid-South businesses. By qualifying Memphis companies as women-owned or local, the UCA gives you the insight you need to make informed decisions as a consumer. 

To become certified for any minority status, the UCA requires businesses to submit to a rigorous process that includes a thorough review of the company’s history and operations. Certified companies have to reapply annually to continue to display their certification status, so you can trust you’re buying local and female-owned. 

Girl Power

Sports Floors is all about female empowerment in the workplace, especially when it comes to the male-dominated construction and athletic industry. Our idols have always been dedicated women who push against the boundaries (shoutout to the WNBA!), and we’ve worked to bring that energy to Sports Floors since we started. 

The ladies in management have made it our mission to make our voices heard so we can be a testament to what women in a male-dominated industry can do for our communities. Our president and owner, Paulette Heney, has put in years of hard work to break the glass ceiling for women in construction and athletic fields, and becoming a Certified Women-Owned Business is a step in the right direction. 

Why Work With a Certified Women-Owned Business? 

Did you know that women hold only 31% of leadership roles in the U.S.? Similarly, only one-third of Memphis companies are women-owned. Even though this number is small, it marks a substantial increase relative to the past numbers. 

As we work toward making Memphis a better community for people of all backgrounds, it is essential to support our women-owned businesses. Not only does shopping from women-owned companies create jobs and boost the economy, but every dollar you spend with a female-led business inspires other women to take on leadership roles. 

Sports Floors: Certified Local & Women-Owned

Home Court Advantage

Sports Floors loves the Mid-South! We started in Memphis in 1995, and even though we work with the surrounding states, we owe most of our business to the Mid-South citizens that keep us busy! 

It’s been said that Memphis is a big small town, and we agree. If you’re a member of the Mid-South area, you’ve probably already seen our sports floors at one of your kid’s basketball games, one of the local high schools, or even one of the Memphis Tigers games. With our sports floors in spaces like Lausanne Collegiate School, Christian Brothers High School, and Crosstown High, it’s safe to say we like to play to the home-court advantage. 

Why Work With a Certified Small Local Business? 

In the wake of Covid-19, it is no secret that the economy has taken a nationwide hit. The same is true for the Mid-South. You may feel at a loss for ways to support your local economy, but one of the best is to look out for that “small, local business” tag attached to a company’s name. 

When you work with certified local businesses, a larger portion of the money you spend with them remains in the local economy. By choosing to work with Sports Floors, your money will continue to circulate in the Memphis area and boost the economy for us all. 

Not to mention, small businesses are cropping up everywhere, and they help our economy in a major way. Since 1995, small businesses account for more than half of the jobs created in the United States. As big employers with small companies, businesses like Sports Floors provide a huge service to our communities. 

A Legacy of Excellence

As Sports Floors joins the ranks of hundreds of other Mid-South companies that make our city great, we can’t help but look back on the years of hard work we have put into our company. Since 1995, we’ve been the area’s leading expert in athletic flooring, and we are growing by the day. None of it would be possible without you!

Be sure to mark Small Business Saturday on your 2022 calendar and support Sports Floors and the local community! We look forward to working with you for years to come.