With YouTube, TikTok, and Google at our fingertips, there’s no doubt that we live in a DIY world – but not every project makes a good DIY project. When it comes to installing a gym floor for your athletic facility, it’s better to leave such an important task to the pros at Sports Floors, Inc. Keep reading to learn why the risks of DIY gym flooring outweigh the benefits. 

The Risks of DIY Gym Flooring

In recent years, the DIY movement has taken over the sports flooring industry. From pickleball and basketball courts to home gyms and small business workout studios, fitness enthusiasts often see the DIY gym flooring route as a cheaper alternative to a professional installation. 

Here’s why you shouldn’t go with DIY gym flooring. 

You Might Not Have the Training or Materials

Installing gym flooring is a complex process that requires specialized knowledge and skills. Professionals in the industry have extensive training and experience, allowing them to understand the intricacies involved in selecting the right materials, preparing the subfloor, and ensuring proper installation techniques. Without this expertise, DIY enthusiasts are prone to making critical mistakes.

Imperfections like uneven surfaces or inadequate materials might not seem like a big deal at first, but these issues can lead to unsafe conditions or a lack of durability in the future. 

Your Floor Could Be Unsafe

Athlete safety should be the number one concern for anyone installing a gym floor. Unfortunately, DIY gym floors often fail to comply with industry safety standards and regulations, which can pose risks for court users.

For example, incorrect installation can lead to uneven playing surfaces, leading to injuries like sprains, fractures, or even head injuries. Shock absorption is another problem; without the expertise to account for this factor, players could be at a higher risk for joint and muscle injuries, especially in high-impact activities like weightlifting and aerobics. 

Your Floor Could Be Less Durable 

When you install a gym floor, the hope is that it lasts for years to come. DIY gym floor installations typically miss out on the potential for durability that a professional gym floor could offer. DIY projects often result in surfaces that degrade more quickly, leading to higher long-term costs and potential safety hazards. 

As a DIY installer, you don’t have the same level of access to high-quality materials and equipment as professionals do. Additionally, improper techniques can significantly reduce the lifespan of the flooring. For instance, if the flooring is not correctly adhered to the subfloor, it can develop bubbles, cracks, and loose flooring, all of which compromise its durability. Over time, these issues can lead to a need for complete replacement, which is far more costly than the initial investment in professional installation.

You Could Spend More Money in the Long Run 

Most DIYers are looking to save money, but if you attempt to DIY your athletic flooring, you may actually spend more money in the long run. DIY projects often involve hidden costs. These can include purchasing specialized tools and additional materials to correct mistakes, which many DIYers do not anticipate. 

Furthermore, the use of inferior materials commonly found in DIY installations can lead to quicker wear and tear, necessitating more frequent maintenance and replacements. There is also the potential cost associated with injuries due to improperly installed flooring. Medical bills and lost productivity from injuries can add up quickly, making the initial savings from DIY projects negligible. 

The Risks of DIY Gym Flooring

The Benefits of Working with Professionals

When you’re looking to install a professional sports floor, you get a series of benefits that you won’t get with DIY installations. Here’s what you can look forward to from the pros at Sports Floors, Inc. 

We’ve Got the Experience & Tools

The professional installation team at Sports Floors, Inc. has the technical skills and extensive experience needed to handle complex flooring projects. We understand the nuances of different flooring materials and the best practices for installation, and we also use high-grade materials that are durable and suitable for specific applications. This guarantees a longer lifespan and better performance of the flooring and reduces the need for frequent replacements or repairs.

We Are Safety Compliant

Sports Floors, Inc. follows all safety standards and regulations, so you can rest assured your floor is safe for use. This includes proper installation techniques that minimize hazards such as uneven surfaces and improper cushioning. Trust us, your athletes will thank you for that extra level of care. 

We Reduce Time & Cost Overall

While DIY projects may seem cost-effective initially, professional installation saves time and money in the long run. Our sports flooring professionals work efficiently and avoid common pitfalls that can lead to costly repairs.

We Offer Warranties & Support

Sports Floors Inc. provides warranties on our installations, giving you peace of mind and protection against defects. Additionally, we offer ongoing support and maintenance services to keep your athletic flooring in optimal condition.

We Build High-Performing Floors

Professional installation ensures that the flooring meets the specific needs of the environment, whether it’s a gym, sports court, or other high-traffic area. This enhances the overall performance and safety of users.

The Risks of DIY Gym Flooring

Choose Sports Floors, Inc. 

Sports Floors, Inc. takes pride in the beautiful, quality sports floors we create for schools and organizations across the Mid-South. If you’re interested in installing a new athletic floor or you’re looking to spruce up the branding on your existing gym floor, contact our team in Memphis today!