Summer is a busy time of year for Sports Floors. Gym floors see a lot of wear and tear throughout the school year, and while we stay busy doing what we do best – making sports floors look and perform as well as possible – we want to help you keep your young athletes busy as well. There is no better way to help your kids create sweet summer memories, stay active and be ready for tryouts than signing them up for one of the many Memphis summer sports camps. So, before you type “sports camps near me,” check out our first annual list of the top summer sports camps. 

To help make your summer easier, you can find a link to each camp and register for them right from our blog.

Memphis Sports & Events Center Summer Camps

As one of Memphis’s newest and most versatile athletic facilities in the city, it isn’t surprising that the MSEC is a major destination for summer campers in the 901. We’ve kept up with the MSEC since we completed their flooring in 2022, so here’s what you should know about their summer programs. 

Hoops 901 Basketball Camp

Dates: Six short-term programs between May and August

Age Group: Boys & Girls Ages 6-16

Location: 995 Early Maxwell Blvd., Memphis, TN 38104

Ready to shoot some hoops? Over the course of the Hoops 901 program, your little athlete will develop the abilities and skills to be an active team player on their basketball team. Through athletic conditioning, agility work, and gameplay, your child will learn tips from the pros they can bring to their game when the next season hits. 

But as the MSEC states, “It won’t be all work and no play!” Campers will enjoy a wide range of breakout games like dodgeball or ultimate frisbee to keep the fun going. 

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NINJA 901 Run n Fun Summer Camp

Dates: Eight short-term programs between May & August

Age Group: Boys & Girls Ages 6-16

Location: 995 Early Maxwell Blvd., Memphis, TN 38104

Every kid wants to be a ninja, and this camp can make that dream come true. Using their brand-new state-of-the-art obstacle course, your child will enjoy the all-action experience of parkour, rock climbing, zip-lining, trampolining, and more for a fun-packed summer they’ll never forget. 

The camp centers all of this activity around team games and sports like spikeball or dodgeball, so there’s never a dull moment. 

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Nike Basketball Camp

Dates: June 24th – 28th & July 8th – 11th 

Age Groups: Boys & Girls Ages 9-15

Location: 995 Early Maxwell Blvd., Memphis, TN 38104

There’s nothing like getting back to the fundamentals of the sport, and no one does that better than Nike! Larry Spears and the MSEC are doubling up its basketball programming to provide student-athletes of all ages with several options to choose from. 

The Complete Skills Camp will help athletes improve their skills for the position they play best, giving them the refinement they need to succeed on the court. Kids will get both individual and team-based training, as well as participate in tournaments where they can show off their new abilities. 

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Top Memphis Summer Camps of 2024

Memphis Youth Athletics

MYA’s dedication to athletic growth has given its members opportunities to excel since 2014. This organization makes physical activity not only accessible, but exciting, and its main event is the City Summer Program. 

MYA City Summer Program

Dates: June 17th – 28th & July 8th –19th

Age Groups: Boys & Girls Ages 8-15

Location: 5900 Walnut Grove Rd., Memphis, TN US 38120

Come for the fun, stay for the lifetime of healthy habits! Over the course of a week-long summer camp, your child will work with experienced MYA coaches to learn the skillset needed to succeed in track and field while developing a genuine love for a healthy lifestyle at the same time.

By combining fun-filled activities with math and reading skills, MYA also helps kids stay active while exercising the most important muscle: their brain! In turn, your child will leave this program understanding why it’s so important to focus on their health by staying fit and focused for years to come. 

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Top Memphis Summer Camps of 2024

The University of Memphis Summer Camps

We have a long history of helping the U of M get the best athletic flooring in the business, but most recently, we upgraded the women’s volleyball floor. Your child can enjoy the same performance benefits as D1 athletes during the following summer camps: 

Tour of Memphis Volleyball Camp

Dates: June 4th – 6th

Ages: Boys & Girls Entering 6th – 12th Grades

Location: Christian Brothers University, University of Memphis, & Rhodes College Campuses

Not all summer camps are for basketball! Help your child expand their skillset at the Tour of Memphis Volleyball Camp. They’ll learn from college-level athletes and coaches from Christian Brothers University, the University of Memphis, and Rhodes College.

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Alex Simmons Team Basketball Camp

Dates: June 20th –22nd

Ages: Junior High & High School Girls

Location: Elma Roane Field House & Student Recreation and Sports Complex

Meet the Memphis women’s basketball team players and staff at this elite-level, all-girls basketball camp! With two-time NCAA National Champion and head coach of the Memphis Tiger women’s basketball team, Alex Simmons, hosting the camp, your daughter will learn from her heroes and participate in 3 guaranteed live games for a summer your family won’t forget. 

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Penny Hardaway Basketball Camp 

Location: Laurie-Walton Family Basketball Center

There’s no better way to improve your basketball skills than with the four-time NBA all-star Penny Hardaway. Choose from Day camps, team camps, and elite camps for the best experience of the year. 

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Top Memphis Summer Camps of 2024

Grizzlies Youth Basketball

Dates: Ten short-term programs between June & August

Age Groups: Boys & Girls Ages 6-13

Location: Multiple facilities & camps in and around Memphis

Are you ready to play like a real NBA player? Take your game to the next level this summer with Grizzlies’ Youth Basketball Summer Camps, presented by Nike. 

Corey Elliot and Ronni Williams are taking charge of helping students learn the fundamentals of offensive and defensive strategy through stations and drills. Kids will get the skills they need to succeed on and off the court – and they’ll have tons of fun while they do it! Plus, with multiple camp locations, everyone has the chance to join in the game. 

Each camper will receive a replica Grizzlies reversible practice jersey, a group photo with a Grizzlies magnetic photo frame, and a Grizzlies branded basketball. All campers must bring their own lunch, snacks, and water. 

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Top Memphis Summer Camps of 2024

Stay Active with Sports Floors, Inc.

As athletes ourselves, the Sports Floors team knows there’s nothing more important than staying active – and those skills start at an early age! Helping your child learn to love a life of fitness is one of the best gifts you can give them, and any of these summer camps will be a great choice for building that foundation. Plus, you can rest assured knowing that these summer camp facilities are all Sports Floors-approved! 

The summer is coming fast, so sign up and get going today!