LSU’s Stained Tiger Head

Nowadays, keeping up with the Jones’s is more prevalent than ever. Houses, cars, clothes, etc. – everyone wants what everyone else has. The same is true in the gym floor industry.  We constantly see trends that spread like wildfire.  Why? Because no one wants to admit someone else’s gym floor looks cooler than theirs.

The first trend I remember seeing was painting the lanes on floors. Then Louisiana Tech set the bar a little higher with their faded lanes (courtesy of Sports Floors, of course!). Since then, I have seen everything from painting the 3-point area, to staining the 3-point area, to staining the floor outside the 3-point area (an area also known as the balance).

LSU took it a little further this year by staining their Tiger head as the center court logo, and the response was overwhelming. Everyone loved it.

Now, to make the lighter stained logo stand out, LSU had us dark stain the balance. Without dark staining that area, the logo tends to fade into the floor.

LSU stained tiger head on basketball court

Now, we get calls from schools all over our territory wanting their center court logos stained like LSU.  We have now done similar work at Jennings High School in Jennings, LA, at Calhoun Academy in Calhoun, MS, and at Chipola College in Marianna, FL.