Your sports floor is the foundation of your athletic department. Everything from selecting the right wood to creating the most eye-catching design to maintaining the quality of your floor gives your team the home-court advantage. Because each of these steps is so essential to the longevity of your court, it’s important to work with an experienced team on your sports floor to get the best results possible. 

We know it can be tempting to try your hand at DIY maintenance or design, but as a professional sports flooring company, we’ve been hired to clean up more than our share of DIY mishaps. You deserve the highest quality floor possible without worrying that your hard work won’t give you the outcome you anticipated, so leave it to the pros! Here’s what our team of experts brings to the table. 

Expert Guidance

When it comes to purchasing a sports floor, you’ve got lots of options – and that’s a great thing! The only downside to having so many options is that, more often than not, option paralysis sets in. When you’re making decisions without the expert guidance of a team that knows their floors, you could end up in a risky situation. With your investment on the line, you can’t afford to make mistakes – so don’t risk it!

Sports Floors, Inc. has worked with major gyms and courts since 1995. Each of our team members has years of experience and is more than happy to help you make important decisions about your flooring investment. From choosing between wood and synthetic flooring to understanding the DIN performance standard (if you’ve never heard of it, you definitely need our help!), our team is here to guide you every step of the way. 

Longer-Lasting Floors

A Sports Floor, Inc. gym floor can last up to 75 years – talk about a return on investment that stands the test of time! Our sports floors age like fine wine, and the reason we are able to build such long-lasting floors is that we follow a strict quality standard that includes regular maintenance and best-in-class protocol. 

Your sports floor requires daily, weekly, and yearly maintenance. While you can absolutely take care of the daily and weekly care program on your own, we don’t recommend trying to recoat or sand your floor without professional help. 

Screen & Recoat

Our team recommends screening and recoating your home court once a year. This process includes lightly abrading the top layer of your floor so that the new coat will adhere to the surface. Not only does this process help your gym floor look its best every season, but it also protects your athletes from injury by giving them the traction they need to stay on their game. Without an expert team leading this charge, you could risk your athletes’ safety. 


In addition to the annual maintenance, you should sand your floor once every 8-10 years. Sanding is an even more complex process that takes longer than screening and recoating. During the sanding, we’ll remove the finish and paint down to the raw wood before reapplying everything from scratch. For the safety of your athletes and the longevity of your sports floor, you need to be sure to use an expert team like Sports Floors, Inc. to make sure the sanding process runs smoothly. 

Maintaining a sports floor on your own can be daunting and, in some cases, destructive to the quality of your court. Without understanding the ins and outs of maintenance as well as a professional team of flooring experts do, you risk making critical mistakes that can shave years off the life of your sports floor. 

Care & Maintenance Program

Our team offers each of our clients 1-year or  3-year care and maintenance contracts. During the contracted years, we will also touch up paint, replace broken boards, and repair wall bases free of charge when we screen and recoat the floor. You can also take advantage of our lifetime warranty program! 

Without working with Sports Floors, Inc., however, you won’t get access to these care and maintenance services. 

Why It’s Important to Work with An Experienced Team on Your Next Sports Floor

Better Designs

Your sports floor is just as important to boosting your team spirit as your mascot, and your floor design should reflect that! On your own, painting or staining a gym floor can be extremely difficult. However, with the Sports Floors design team at your side, you can choose a creative design that makes your athletic floor pop. 

Customer Service

When you’re planning to install an athletic floor in your gym, school, or church, you’ll have many questions. Among many others, you’ll want to know things like: 

  • What happens if the floor gets wet or flooded? 
  • Is there a standard maximum load for Maple gym flooring? 
  • Can I use tape on a gym floor? 

Anyone on the Internet can take a shot at answering these burning questions – but that doesn’t mean they’re right. Without the experience and industry knowledge to back up their responses, you can’t trust that their opinion will keep your investment safe. 

Sports Floors, Inc. prides itself on customer service backed by expert knowledge and years of experience. We’ll answer every question you have at any step of the way, and you can trust that our answers are proven to work. “Customer service” on Google isn’t the real thing. Trust Sports Floors, Inc. to steer you in the right direction. 

Environmentally Responsible Care

At Sports Floors, Inc., we believe that creating outstanding sports floors can be sustainable for the environment, so we make it our priority to protect the planet with our practice. Through our partnership with Connor Sports Flooring, nearly all our maple floor systems can be specified with SmartWood hard maple harvested from managed forests. We also feature Rezill Pads made of recycled rubber, including resilient components comprised of rubber recycled from athletic shoes. 

Working with a qualified team of sports floor experts means more than just getting expert guidance and reliable maintenance. It means preserving our natural resources, too. 

Why It’s Important to Work with An Experienced Team on Your Next Sports Floor

Sports Floors, Inc.: Your Flooring Experts

There’s no replacement for professional-grade flooring services. With years of experience and industry knowledge to back it up, Sports Floors, Inc. is your one-stop shop for all your athletic flooring needs. If you want your sports floor to live as long as you do, it’s time to contact Sports Floors, Inc. today! Keep up with us on social media.