As the largest Connor Sports flooring distributor in the area, our team here at Sports Floors, Inc. is proud to provide the Mid-South with the best products, installation, and service. By partnering with a market leader like Connor, we’re able to ensure every project is expertly planned, installed, finished, and maintained to perfection! But what is it that makes their products so special? How has the company remained so successful for over a century? Keep reading to learn more about why we love Connor Sports flooring! 

American made since 1872

Connor Sports was founded in 1872, although they didn’t install their first basketball court until 1914. The company had a clear vision of what it wanted to accomplish all the way back then, and continues to lead the industry in crafting innovative solutions for hardwood sports flooring! As the market leader in portable and permanent hardwood sports flooring systems, Connor has been the official court of NCAA March Madness®, NCAA Final Four®, the Summer Olympic Games, the FIBA World Cup, 14 NCAA Conference Championships, and 12 NBA teams…but who’s counting?

Every square foot of Connor Sports premium sports flooring is proudly manufactured and assembled by dedicated men and women in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Only the highest-quality materials are used, and all of them are responsibly sourced, including FSC® Certified lumber. Their locally-produced components give every finished court the highest levels of athletic comfort and performance.

Tried, tested, and true

Each of Connor’s flooring systems are subjected to intense testing which includes humidity resistance, long-term stability, force reduction, vertical deflection, and area of deflection. Their premium northern maple strips comply with strict MFMA standards for quality and grading. In fact, Connor was the first MFMA mill to provide FSC certified flooring as established by the Rainforest Alliance to assure environmentally sound logging practices. 

Additionally, numerous Connor system components qualify for LEED credits as specified by the U.S. Green Building Council’s rating system. Each year, the company also donates a portion of its annual proceeds to fund the construction of new facilities in underserved communities.

All Connor products are DIN 2001 certified to ensure safety, and they’re also the only sports flooring manufacturer to STEM test their floors! This specialized testing helps to protect floors from buckling and ensures their durability. By working with Connor Sports, our own company can consistently deliver products and service that is ISO certified, value-engineered, and custom-designed to meet all your budget and flooring needs!

Why We Love Connor Sports Flooring

Natural flooring options 

Whether you’re looking for a portable or permanent solution for your sports floor needs, we’ve got you covered. Check out these exceptional natural offerings from Connor Sports! 

Portable floors

Connor Sports QuickLock portable basketball floors have become one of the flooring systems of choice for arena operators. That’s because they’re designed to meet the demands of arenas, convention centers, and stadiums by providing over 15 years of performance.

For facilities that frequently install and remove sports flooring, the QuickLock system has been engineered to lessen labor costs and cut down on maintenance. It’s available in traditional and zipper floor configurations, as well as pinned and pinless systems. The system has also been designed and tested by working directly with the NBA, NCAA, and FIBA.

Anchored floors

Fixed Resilient Systems and Fixed Wood Systems are anchored floors. Fixed Resilient flooring systems combine the stabilizing benefits of anchored subfloors with the resiliency of floating systems. Fixed Wood flooring systems are mechanically fastened to the concrete substrate, providing a stable subfloor system. These floors offer outstanding buckle resistance, but minimal resilience.

Floating floors

Floating systems can rest without anchorage to a concrete substrate. Different combinations of pad and subfloor designs allow for varying levels of resiliency. Although a floating system provides exceptional shock absorption and resiliency, it doesn’t provide the stability of a fixed resilient system.

Parquet floors

This highly resilient sports floor system generally consists of a vapor barrier, Rezill pads, wood subfloor, stabilizing edge-grain maple flooring, sanding, sealers, finishes, game lines, and wall base.

Synthetic flooring options

Connor Sports also offers high-quality synthetic systems in vulcanized rubber running tracks and rubber athletic flooring. Vinyl and poured urethane sports flooring are available as well. These can be used in many sports applications, including indoor and outdoor tracks, weight rooms, and multi-purpose rooms in schools and fitness clubs. 

Control XT

Control XT is a vulcanized double or triple durometer rubber athletic system that is designed for heavy indoor competition. It can withstand high traffic, bacteria, and odors.  Because it provides superior force reduction, it can be a good choice for volleyball and basketball courts, gymnasiums, and exercise facilities. Control XT is also slip-resistant, durable, and easy to maintain.

Elastiplus, ElastiRoll, ElastiMat

ElastiPlus offers a consistent balance between good shock absorbency and fast play while maintaining superior wear resistance. These floors are easy to care for, and designed with high deformation recovery and strong sound absorption. ElastiRoll and ElastiMat are similar to Elastiplus, but also offer the durability of polymeric recycled rubber and colored EPDM granules.

PowerDeck Flek

PowerDek Fleck’s rubber athletic surface is ideal for high impact and heavy traffic. It’s designed for safe, comfortable, and injury-free training and competition! The high-performance flooring is constructed to provide outstanding force reduction and safety, and is bacteria- and odor-resistant. PowerDek Fleck is durable, easily maintained, and mechanically strong.

PowerDek Stone

PowerDek Stone is very close to PowerDek Fleck in its construction and durability, but it also has a woven bottom layer design that is able to resist moisture and indentation.


ProTraxx is made of a prefabricated sports surface containing both synthetic and natural rubber compounds, making it environmentally responsible and cost-effective. It provides a resilient running surface with excellent traction that is ideal for indoor or outdoor use.  The unique symmetric bottom layer design provides outstanding shock absorption and uniform performance.

Sportgrain Plus

SportGrain Plus is the only cushioned vinyl flooring product that is manufactured in one continuous production process. It’s also the easiest Connor floor to keep clean! It combines consistent force reduction with maximum ball rebound for improved performance, and is the highest quality product for both athletic and commercial use. 


TruSport provides a multi-purpose surface constructed of an environmentally friendly material. Since it offers excellent shock and sound absorption, it’s particularly well-suited for basketball, volleyball, and aerobics.TruSport is durable, easily maintained, and mechanically strong, plus the unique embossing provides optimal traction! 

Trust your floor to Connor Sports and Sports Floors, Inc.

There’s a lot to love about Connor Sports! As one of their top three flooring distributors in the country, you can trust our partnership to provide you with the best fit for your flooring needs. Are you ready to get started? Contact our Sports Floors, Inc. team today and we’ll be happy to schedule a meeting to discuss what you’re looking for and how we can make it happen.