High School

As you already know, high school sports in our area are a way of life. As such, high performance athletic floors are a must for any high school. A high school looking for a maple gymnasium floor should not settle for less than a DIN Certified, fixed resilient floor.

Learn more about DIN Certification.

Some examples of High School level floors are SmartStep, ARS DIN, Focus and Alliance

Your athletic flooring serves a much more important purpose than just looking good. The right athletic flooring improves traction, reduces the stress on young athletes joints and muscles and reduces the occurrence of sports related injuries.

We offer the best athletic flooring available to our customers. We have installed indoor track surfaces, rubber weight room tiles, and synthetic and maple gym floor systems in high schools throughout the mid-south.

Come speak with our experts to learn more about the importance of the proper athletic floor system and for help in choosing your next athletic floor.