Dirt on Your Gym Floors: Solving the Mystery

Dirt on Your Gym Floors: Solving the Mystery

At Sports Floors, Inc, we get excited about jobs well done, especially when they help become their best selves and stay. It’s even more satisfying when there is a mystery to be solved. Check out this recent maintenance project we did for the McKenzie Special School District and find out how we ended up solving… Read More

How To Maintain Your Wooden Floor

How To Maintain Your Wooden Floor

A new gym floor is a big investment for any athletic facility, and it’s one you’ll want to protect by caring for it properly. Sadly, there are many misconceptions about basic care for wood floors in particular, so they may not receive the proper maintenance they need. Many people end up doing too much—or don’t… Read More

Why You Need to Update Your Floor

Why You Need to Update Your Floor

Top Reasons to Replace Your Gym Floor  Both Synthetic and hardwood athletic floors can last for years, and decades, if they’re taken care of properly. However, no floor can last forever, and you’ll eventually need to update or replace your gym flooring systems. Sports Floors, Inc. offers guidance and expert floor replacement and restoration services… Read More

Ole Miss outdoor court

Indoor vs. Outdoor Courts

Same Game, Different Courts While the iconic and timeless home of basketball is a hardwood court with high ceilings and bright lights, most of us probably had our first experience playing basketball on an outdoor court with some friends. There are a lot of clear differences between indoor and outdoor courts, from material to how… Read More

University of Memphis – Laurie Walton Family Basketball Center

NCAA Passes 3-Point Line Adjustment

The National Collegiate Athletics Association’s (NCAA) men’s basketball rules committee has officially voted in favor of a proposal to move the 3-point line back more than a foot. The new rule will set the new 3-point line at the same distance as the current international basketball distance, at 22 feet, 1 ¾ inches. Currently, the… Read More

Jacksonville High School

Choosing a Floor Design

Any time you start an important project, the number of flooring options can be intimidating. At Sports Floors, Inc., we know that you want a durable floor system designed for your specific needs. When it comes to choosing the best design for your flooring project, there are several important factors to keep in mind. How… Read More

Tulane University Reilly Recreation Center

Latest Trends in Flooring

If you’re thinking about updating your athletic facilities flooring or installing a floor in a new facility, here are some emerging trends in sports flooring. At Sports Floors, Inc., we can help you stay up to date on exciting new trends in the world of flooring. Currently, the most popular trends involve multifunctional floors, environmentally… Read More

New Basketball Floor Offers Sleek New Look

It turned into a long and sometimes tedious process, but Gamlin Gymasium at Henry County High School now has a new basketball floor. The Lady Patriots and Patriots are scheduled to have their first practices on the new surface Monday when the TSSAA allows high school teams to begin their fall practices. The first game… Read More

Steps To Building A New Gym Floor

Steps To Building A New Gym Floor

Here at Sports Floors, Inc., we know how hard facility managers and athletic directors work managing sports programs, coordinating events, and maintaining budgets. When it comes to a major sports-related development like having a new gym floor built, you may feel like a fish out of water! Replacing a floor may only happen once during… Read More

Sports Floor Finish

Gym Floor Finish

Engineered hardwood flooring lends a sense of strength, durability, and beauty to the interiors of many institutions. It has been a popular commercial flooring choice for centuries.  With proper care, these floors can last for many years. But even the best-maintained floors can wear down over time and need reconditioning in the form of resealing.… Read More

Sports Floors Court 1

Gym Floor Durability

When it comes to athletic flooring, expectations are high. Clients want safe, resilient, durable, high-performance floors for their gymnasiums, and at Sports Floors Inc., we are determined to provide products that are capable of not only meeting but exceeding those expectations. We demand quality, integrity, and accountability from our team and our services, so when… Read More